What Makes Good News?


News is the information that keeps us updated on current events. Whether it is about our local community, country, or the world, news informs us of the important things happening around us. It is essential for democracy, as it holds politicians and other individuals accountable by exposing corruption, scandals, and unethical behaviour. It also provides analysis and interpretation of various topics, allowing audiences to better understand complex issues.

Generally speaking, something is considered newsworthy when it is new, unusual, interesting or significant. For example, a man’s normal daily activities of getting up, eating breakfast and going to work on the bus might not be particularly remarkable, but if that same man was flying to Mars or being held captive by the Taliban, those are definitely newsworthy events.

When deciding on what to publish, it is crucial that editors consider their audience. A newspaper or website is likely to be geared toward a particular demographic, and this is often determined by location. For example, a newspaper in Kansas City will have a different target audience than one in Denver. A website for an automotive company, however, is more likely to attract readers from all over the world.

Another key consideration is the impact that a piece will have on an individual’s life or lifestyle. This is sometimes difficult to determine, but can be influenced by the proximity of the event, its significance, or how controversial it is. For example, a story about a large scale natural disaster will be of interest to most people, while a story about a celebrity’s divorce is unlikely to have any significant impact on the majority of the population.

A final factor to take into account is the prominence of the person or organisation involved. Celebrities and other well-known individuals are usually newsworthy, as are organisations whose activities or products are of interest to the public, such as charities or government departments. The activities of well-known companies are also often newsworthy, especially when they are unusual or involve a high level of controversy.

It is important to remember that while many of the criteria for what makes a good news story are subjective, it is generally accepted that news should be factual and unbiased. It should not promote a particular political viewpoint or agenda and should avoid sensationalism at all costs. In addition, it should be well written. A well written piece of news is more likely to be read by its intended audience and will make a greater impact than an inaccurate or biased article. If a piece of news fails to meet these standards, it should not be published. This is why it is important to check facts before publishing and to always refer back to our Writing for the Web guide. Moreover, a good piece of news will usually include at least one relevant image to grab the reader’s attention and further highlight the story. This is best practice for the Web, as it helps to keep readers interested and engaged.

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