The Entertaiment Industry


A more thorough examination of the subject would reveal a plethora of high-tech tycoons and low-brow slackers in search of the elusive prize. It is also the home of several curious aficionados that have not yet succumbed to the aforementioned malaise. It is an industry that is likely to continue to churn out the next gen for many years to come. It is also the most lucrative and prestigious. Its offspring are a veritable teeming pool of the best and brightest of the breed. Its illustrious spawn is more than likely to take the cake in the next millennium. Its latest fling has been in the making for well over half a decade and counting. It has a name that will ring bells for decades to come. The list of its many tycoons is unmatched by any comparable competitor. It is a veritable playground for a small but growing number of multilingual and highly spirited individuals.

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Cape Town, South Africa