Philosophy of Technology


Technology is the application of knowledge, often in the form of a reproducible product. Technology is used in many fields, and is evident in our everyday lives. Philosophers have identified the three categories of technology: Nature, Science, and Information technology. Regardless of the specific category, technology is a vital part of modern life.

Philosophers of technology

There are many different philosophical approaches to the study of technology. Many of them draw on the historical and cultural context of technology, while others try to characterize it in an abstract way. The problem of defining the domain of technology is a major challenge for philosophers of technology. One way to address this problem is to take a case-by-case approach, examining the specific instances of technology.


Peter Kahn has dedicated his career to exploring the human relationship with nature. He believes that our relationship with nature is incredibly fragile and works to better understand the intersection of technological growth and nature destruction. As director of the Human Interaction with Nature and Technological Systems Lab, he focuses on how technology shapes and influences our relationship with nature. As a result, he is investigating the relationship between human beings and both “real” and “technological nature.” The latter category includes digital and VR stimulation.

Information technology

IT is a field that involves the management and transfer of data. Its influence is vast and it’s part of our daily lives. It includes everything from computers to the Internet, from the way we shop to the way we communicate. The field of Information Technology is rapidly expanding and the demand for skilled workers is high.


Technicism is the belief that human beings have become reliant on technology and that it will make their lives better. Some people even go so far as to believe that humans can control their entire existence by using technology. In such a situation, they feel no need for religion or other higher moral authority. Another aspect of technicism is the idea that newer technology will be more effective than old technology.

Arthur’s book institutions

Arthur’s book Institutions in Technology outlines how science and technology are interrelated. He describes in layman’s terms how technology arises from better scientific understanding. For example, radar would not have been possible without a better understanding of how electro-magnetic waves interact with matter.

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