90 Words That Mean “Entertainment”


The word entertainment has many synonyms and antonyms. It also has many related words and idiomatic expressions. Here are 90 of them. Listed below are the most common uses of the word entertainment. Use the list to expand your vocabulary and learn more words that mean “entertainment.”

a zoo

While many people view a zoo as nothing more than a place to entertain themselves, there are many reasons why this type of attraction is valuable. One reason is that the money raised by the zoo helps support conservation efforts. Another reason is that zoos help people become more familiar with wildlife. The majority of zoo profits are re-invested in the care of the animals.

A visit to a zoo is an excellent way to connect with animals and help them feel comfortable. Zoos often do not force animals to perform tricks or other behaviors unless they are trained to do so. For example, if an animal is forced to perform tricks, it is likely that the zoo will take steps to train the animal to perform those actions properly. Those efforts often serve as educational tools that help visitors understand the behavior and habits of the animals.

But the anti-zoo movement uses the word Sanctuary to oppose zoos. Wildlife sanctuaries are made up of thousands of acres of natural habitat. Many rescued animals end up in’sanctuaries’. But these are just another type of zoo. And despite the name, these places are not much better than a zoo. There are many’sanctuaries’ for wildlife, but they are nothing more than a different form of a zoo.

Zoos also provide valuable educational opportunities. However, most people only spend a few minutes in each animal enclosure. The zoo’s signs are usually very small and only give basic information about the species and environment. In addition, there is a lack of privacy for animals, and the conditions are often crowded and uncomfortable. A lack of physical exercise and privacy can lead to suicidal behavior. This isn’t a sustainable way to promote conservation.

A zoo can be a great place to spend an evening. The Nighttime Zoo is especially exciting and features a live chameleon show that features interactive performances. Other entertainment options include a roving brass band. There is also an African Tribal Dancer performance, which features high-class acrobatics. Finally, children can learn about nature through Dr. Zoolittle’s Nature Exploration show.

Despite a number of reasons to visit a zoo, it is important to understand the history of zoos. In the past, many zoos held human exhibits, such as melanated colonized people. This is an explicit example of racialized hierarchy and an implicit disregard for the welfare of the animals. Furthermore, many zoos have supported the illegal trade of exotic animals, resulting in approximately 10 deaths per animal.

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